T-shirts are undoubtedly one of the most popular clothing items in the market place if you are looking for casual wear. They come in a huge range of colours and are ultra-comfy too. But there are more styles than you can you think of – how many of these necklines are you familiar with. Let’s find out in this rather short blog the cut that flatters you the most


Boatneck Neckline is excellent for offsetting wide hips but doesn’t fail to make broad shoulders appear broader. This consistently classic look can go well with any look.


Cowl-neck can add a bit of dimension to a small chest; however, with short sleeves and dropped shoulder seams, can surprisingly wave off the well-endowed.

Crew neck:

This comes as a classic cut, but it can accentuate a short neck, large bust or a double chin. The crew neck tees can go well with dress pants, jeans, or chinos. It’s perfect for some light exercising or physical activities at home.

Scoop neck:

A scoop neck t-shirt can be an important item in one’s wardrobe. It elegantly shows up the collarbone and elongates a thick or short neck. However, the curvy neckline accentuates a full, round face. Scoop necks are a no-no with broad-shouldered people.


If women are looking to go for a V-neck style, then they should pair their t-shirt with a striking necklace, while the V-neck style lends a smarter look to boys whatever outfit they wear when compared to the likes of the crew neckline. The v-neck t-shirt will look great when paired with a blazer or cardigan; you can do some more definition too to look markedly different from the regular crew neck style. Thought v-neck is universally flattering, watch out: a very high cut can lend a saggy look to a large bust, whilst a plunging V is too conspicuous. A wide V offsets pear shapes.

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