Leggings are a fashion rave this summer and very rarely do you find ladies, teen and adult alike not wearing one. It is a shame if you don’t own one and more so if you don’t know where to buy one. The vastly diverse Indian market is not new to leggings, given that most college-goers and professionals pair leggings with tops or skirts or even just on their own as pants. The demand for this fashion piece has just got bigger and bigger with time. With everyone purchasing a pair of leggings or two, do you actually stop to think what your leggings are actually made of? Most leggings are made of plastics or genetically modified (GM) cotton which poses greater health risks when it comes into contact with your skin.

GM cotton uses a lot of herbicides and pesticides to cultivate cotton and these chemicals stay in the cloth fabric even longer after the growing and manufacturing processes. Another issue is the addition of Formaldehyde in the preservation of items for shipping. The best alternative to GMC is organic cotton that spells a whole lot of environmental and health benefits. The demand for sustainable fashion has pushed more farmers to come up with innovative farming methods to grow organic cotton, and more brands to promote eco-fashion trends. Why not check Bitz India, the best place online to buy pure organic cotton leggings for women and kids?

BitzIndia boasts of a wide range of eco-friendly and ethical ladies and kids leggings with beautiful colours, patterns and designs this summer as we do our bit to make the world we live a little more sustainable. Our leggings that are reasonably priced make a sustainable piece for anyone’s wardrobe. If you think sustainability and affordability can go together, think again as we always strive to give you the best bang for your bucks.

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