Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Hence, if you use clothing that contains chemically-laden contaminates it will have an adverse effect on your skin.

The thing closest to your skin is your underwear as it touches the most susceptible part of your body.

Cotton has been dyed, bleached, fireproofed, sized, and has wrinkle reduction. And these processes are done using chemicals.Just imagine what will happen when these chemicals rub against your skin? These chemicals help the growth of yeast, irritate skin and help bacteria to breed.

The right thing to do is buy organic underwear. If you are still not convinced, here are more reasons:

1. Organic cotton will keep everything dry and fresh, and let your skin to breathe.

2. Organic underwear is made without the use of any chemicals. The production of organic underwear is rather simple without much processing, and energy consumption is also less.

3. Instead of synthetic fertiliser, which contains pollutants and toxins that can endanger fish, water and birds, organic cotton is cultivated using composted manure. This promotes healthy soil.

4. When you wear synthetic underwear your sweat and water are not absorbed. On the other hand, the toxins released from your body through sweating are absorbed by organic underwear. There are so many chemicals in your underwear that it would be difficult for it to absorb anything if you are not wearing organic. It can get pretty uncomfortable if the sweat sticks to your skin.

5. Bacteria and yeast growth down there can be prevented by organic underwear as it lets the air flow through and breathe. Things become stagnant when there is no air circulation. This may lead to unpleasant odour owing to the growth of yeast and bacteria. It is the truth although it may sound gross.

For many reasons organic is the way to go. It is healthy for the environment as well as healthy for your well being.

Now, you can purchase good quality organic underwear from online e-commerce sites.

For an eco-friendly and healthier life, live organic!

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