We don’t cut corners when it comes to our health. For a well- balanced life we need to eat well, stay fit, and get a good night’s sleep. Cotton can help with a couple of these. It can help bring more comfort, and ease, to being healthy and fit. Cotton helps you stay snug all through your day. From your undergarments to your workout clothes, cotton should be your choice.

Cotton Helps You Sleep

Why most people invest in good quality cotton sheets is because cotton helps you sleep better. And it is a proven fact. Because unlike polyester cotton breathes. It will keep you cool during the night and make sure your precious sleep isn’t disrupted as it won’t trap heat underneath your bedclothes. Check the fibre content of your cotton bedsheets. 100% cotton sheets are a definite must.

Stay Cool in Summer with Cotton Clothes

It is not easy to dress up for office or for any event during summer. Our clothes get hot, sticky, and unbearable. Wearing cotton is a quick fix for this messy problem. During the hot summer days cotton’s breathability keeps you cooler. Cotton clothing washes out odour better than synthetics and they also won’t produce static cling.

Cotton Underwear Reduces Risk of Infection

Cotton is the best material for underwear which is a known fact for most of us. But most of us are not aware what your underwear is actually made of. To make undergarments synthetic fabrics like nylon, and polyester are often used, but these fabrics encourages the growth of yeast and lead to infection as they may seize dampness close to your skin. Cotton, on the other hand, keeps you dry and lowers your risk of infection as it breathes and absorbs moisture. Cotton undies are definitely the way to go!

Cotton is Hypoallergenic

People with sensitive skin often almost always turn to cotton as they have to be very careful about what kind of clothes they wear. Whether you’re prone to allergies or not synthetic fibers are much more likely to irritate your skin. On the other hand cotton is hypoallergenic. There is no need to worry if you are using cotton.

Cotton and Exercise

Leggings are still our favourite kind of pants, oh-so versatile, comfortable and soft! From exercise to work, and everything in between, they’re perfect for everything. However, most of the leggings we get to buy are synthetic so look for the cotton content while shopping for leggings and innerwear. Check the fibre label for cotton blends next time you buy a pair of yoga pants.

For exercise cotton-rich clothing is perfect for a lot of reasons. You can buy anything over 50% cotton. And if it is organic cotton, better still. First, cotton, especially organic cotton, keeps you cool during exercise and breathes easier. Second, cotton is easier in the wash as it releases odours, meaning your gym clothes won’t smell as much as synthetics do.

During workout cotton clothing is the best as there is less discomfort as cotton is softer with a little stretch fiber added for extra comfort.