There has been a lot of buzz generating around the theme ‘Organic’; this is mostly because of the fact that consumers have started to appreciate the positive effects of organic clothing and its impact on the environment. Do you know that the skin is the largest organ on your body? By going for synthetic fabrics, you run the risk of contaminating your skin and affecting its sensitivity when it comes into contact with potentially hazardous chemicals. Why not go for Organic underwear this season, huh?

It is no secret that cotton is subjected to bleaching, dyeing, sizing and fireproofing, and all it takes to reduce wrinkles. These processes result in chemical remnants and end up deteriorating the skin layers. With bacterial action, these chemicals aid in the growth of yeast, and yuck, they irritate your skin too.

  • Organic undies are breathable, and leave your skin dry and really fresh.
  • Making Organic underwear involve fewer processes, and this means lesser processing compared to artificial means—so, no more hazardous chemicals and energy required for production is less too.
  • Going ‘organic’ gives rise to healthy soil. As synthetic fertilizers are more about pollutants and toxins that poison the aqua ecosystem, organic cultivation makes use of composted manure.
  • For many of us, itchy spots, particularly around the waistline, armpits and under the abdomen, can be rather embarrassing. This is because synthetic undies you wear have so many chemicals that cannot absorb either your sweat or toxins released from your body. With no outlet for the discharge of sweat, it just sticks to your skin. Uncomfy feel? Indeed it is.
  • Organic underwear retards the growth of yeast and bacteria down there. This is because it is breathable, and allows the flow of air through. When there is no flow of air inside, things turn out to be stale and stagnant, and there you go, the yeast and the bacteria grow preventing airflow.

Going ‘organic’ is not an option, but the only way to save our environment we live in. If you are health-and environmental conscious, then go for organic cotton underwear. Other options include wool and bamboo, which we will deal with in detail, but that’s for another day.