Not all outfit we chose for lifestyle activities go right. This is because a lot of factors play into their selection, one of which that’s often overlooked is moisture wicking feature. Sweating after strenuous activity requires that the body may be cooled naturally by regulating the temperature. This is due to the build-up of heat inside the body. Therefore, what we dress in should keep us cool and comfy.

How do you categorize an outfit as comfortable? Look out for two factors: ability of the fabric to evaporate the perspiration from the skin; guaranteed comfort by releasing moisture into the atmosphere. The ability of the fabric to evaporate moisture is known as the ‘wicking’ property. Natural fibres as well as microfiber come with the wicking ability. It may also be found in a few treated synthetic materials.

You should look for fabrics that do not have the wicking property. Thus, they are not at all suitable when you need to throw yourself into any physical activity. The recommended fabric is cotton, a lightweight and breathable material, which does not wick away moisture. This means whatever moisture stays is absorbed by the clothing material, and doesn’t evaporate at once. With this, the cooling effect is difficult to achieve when one sweats a lot. There is another disadvantage as it forms a breeding ground for both bacterial and fungal growth. The result is annoyingly foul odour.

Not all synthetic fabrics have moisture wicking characteristics. Again, as they are subjected to chemical treatment, the wearer may experience some form of allergy or skin irritation. The following factors below will help you choose the right moisture wicking fabric:

- Highly lightweight and durable

- Quick-drying

- Sogginess-free

- Comfortable and breathable

- Feather-soft

- Optimal heat regulation and moisture-free

- Efficient design

- Hypoallergenic

Now that you have a fair idea of what moisture wicking property is, you should be choosing active wear made only of organic cotton. Did we say active wear from the house of Bitz India? Check out our wide range of 100% organic cotton wear which has moisture wicking properties and is supremely comfortable.

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