If you are on a date with somebody, you may well have a go-to date outfit: a blazer a perfectly pressed shirt, or a button-down that brings out the ‘adventurous’ side in you.

That’s just OK. But when it is hot out with the scorching sun and darn right humid weather, you should look to just staying cool and fresh in the intense heat. Let us face it – you be all aquiver and a bundle of nerves. Those two combined no sooner turn into a pretty sweaty and sweltering time.

It’s time to show the doors to your ‘typical’ outfit and go as simple as possible – a plain, bright, high-quality T-shirt. If you fancy yourself too casual and unimpressive, think again. Recent studies show that 94% of women would prefer their date turn up with T-shirt and jeans on. Just chill out and look cool on the big day. Your women would love it too.

Here are a few tips for the T-shirt of choice:

- Thicker T-shirt can outscore a thinner one as it will drape and fit better giving you a funky look and feel. This is all the more important if where you meet your date is a hotel or a restaurant with air conditioning.

- Another point is to know the difference between V-necks and crew necks and what suits best for you. If you are looking to show up more conservative, go for crew necks. V-necks are bit revealing.

- Logos of any kind are a no-no. Not even the tiny pony on your drape. A plain shirt speaks for itself and let your personality do the rest.

- Stick to these rules, team it up with casual chinos or jeans (shorts look completely out of place on date night), and that's just it!

If you would really want to layer under the sun, there are a few options: Blazers of ultra-thin materials such as linen can offer you a cool contrast when you wear it over a T-shirt. You can style it up with a “T-shirt” look and feel Jersey Polo, given their soft fabric material with extra details such as buttons and collars.