Women’s health has become one of the most talked-about issues in various social and health forums all over this year. But, as women, do we really care about our health, especially how we care for our intimate areas? A good starting point is to lead an organic lifestyle that also embraces the goodness of our environment around. What should women be wearing more of in the coming years is the question this blog will try to answer, if not advocate it?

It is long known that wearing organic cotton clothes helps women fight skin sensitivity, skin irritation and even vaginal infection. This is because organic fibre is breathable naturally, eliminates excess moisture from the skin, prevents skin infection, and growth of yeast and odour producing bacterial activities. Organic cotton can turn out to be stronger when wet and you can also sterilize it after use. Unlike synthetic fibres, they don’t cause any skin allergic reactions.

Because women’s skin is super sensitive, it can absorb chemicals and toxins very easily. Synthetic fibres are known to leach these chemicals into our body and also during washing into natural water bodies. Conventional cotton clothes sold in the marketplace is no good either. Most women these days experience vaginal itching; this is mainly due to the allergic reactions caused by the chemicals found in synthetics such as rayon, polyester, nylon, rubber or spandex.

Women should take the right decision when choosing to buy their inners, especially when they need to take care of their intimate areas from infection, rashes, allergies and other forms of bacterial infection or growth. Still not convinced? Why not talk to us as we will help you select the right fabric that is comfortable, stylish, smart, practical to wear and healthy?

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