The previous blog covered how plastic textiles for sports, gym and active wear could prove detrimental to the natural environment. Let’s continue further why plastic wear should be avoided in the first place:


Microplastic are let off when you wash your active wear in the washing machine. Our oceans are afloat with thousands of tons of plastic already threatening the environment. Synthetic textiles form one of the main polluting agents.


Plastic does not break down easily into the environment and outlasts decomposition. It has resulted in toxicity in the ocean and its impact has been indicated in several research studies time and again.

Plastic textile doesn’t work against perspiration when you’re high on physical activities including running or gym

Though several numbers of fabric materials are replacing plastic textile nowadays, including functional natural fibres such as organic cotton, Tencel Lyocell, Merino wool, organic cotton is the best of the lot. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals or artificial additives that can harm the body, unlike cheap polyester fabrics. They are anti-microbial, bad-odour resistant and don’t stick to your skin or leach chemicals out with use. Another highlight is their high level of cooling effect.

So when you come home done with your workout at the gym or from your run, you can just hang your activewear on a hanger or leave it to dry out into the open or direct sunlight. Sports and activewear from Bitz India that comes with 100% organic cotton are completely fast-drying, odourless and feature excellent anti-microbial properties. There is no need to wash them as much as you would do with plastic gear. To conclude organic cotton wear are great for you, great for the textile industry and great for the natural ecosystem. And it’s jolly good, with Bitz India as your sports and activewear partner always!

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