Cycling Shorts or Bike Shorts from Bitz India are made from 100% organic cotton fabrics that are extremely soft, eco-friendly, breathable, stretchable and chemical-free without any fertilizers or pesticides. Our cycling shorts come with a covered elastic band at/about the natural waist, and end up just around mid-thigh—that, of course, depends upon your leg length and height. Our bike shorts are great for layering under skirts and dresses, cycling, Yoga, working out in gyms and all forms of movement. They come with a slim cut and make a great match with tees, dresses and several other accessories.

With “Organic cotton 100% certified” tag, our cycling shorts features 4-way stretch fabric. You can style it the way you want and the bike shorts sits comfortably just over the knee line. Specially designed for durability and optimum comfort, they are not padded, and there is no inside seam.

The inner waistband is extremely soft and smooth, sits comfortably, without leaving any undesirable marks on your skin. Machine washable, our cycling shorts are great as loungewear, innerwear, and activewear. With a range of colors, cycling shorts from Bitz India are available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes.

Bitz India, based in Coimbatore, is committed to producing long-lasting, high-quality organic cotton wear. We market all our products in ethically and environmentally correct ways. No harmful chemicals are used when cultivating and processing organic cotton. Organic cotton is highly environmental-friendly and is better for the water bodies and animals because no chemical fertilizers or harmful pesticides are used in the fields as in the case of synthetic fabrics.

Are you looking online for ultra-comfy shorts to keep pace with your active lifestyle? Don’t go any further than Bitz India as we have stocked a range of bike shorts at affordable prices.

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