The fashion season is on and first there were bum gems, now flower crowns, while shell jackets seem to stay in vogue this season. The season has the lot to offer for fashionistas as trends transition fast and furiously than the weather out there! Cycling shorts, however, has come out thumps knocking off most voguish wear on its own. The shift has been predominantly towards the ‘sports luxury’ segment.

Welcome cycling shorts:

If you’re an active cyclist, there are a lot of takeaways when it comes to wearing cycling shorts. If you want your ride to be smooth, and when you engage in active training, you must be wearing cycling shorts, most of the time, to protect yourself from chaffing and irritation.

But has cycling shorts set the fashion stage on fire? The nay-sayers may cry that any clothing item that comes minus a packet isn’t practical a wear at all. Point taken, for sure. Cycling shorts, nevertheless, have turned the tables on with its ease of use, style and protracted use day or night.

What is the level of comfort?

Cycling shorts are fabulous as a layering item. You just can’t wear them all alone; it doesn’t allow you to. You need to pair them underneath your favourite garb in whatever way you wanted to. Bike shorts are less bulky than denim; they are lighter too making them a cinch to pack and carry it wherever you go. Well, there you go. More room for lads, cans, bottles.

Practically, cycling shorts are also multi-purpose. Pair with a T-shirt and make a few heads turn in admiration. If you are bit curvy, cycling shorts fit very close to the body. Glam it up with complementary jewellery and glowing makeup. Grab yourself a pair of cycling shorts this season from us. They are available in different colours and styling to choose from. And did we say our customers have started to love this flattering, figure-hugging wear?

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