Girls leggings were the no.1 style choice last year and it will continue to rule the roost this year. The popularity of leggings has only surged higher. Why leggings are still a popular item in the girl’s closet? Read the blog below for the possible reasons, besides their comfort, cosiness and the versatility.

1. Leggings are quite comfy and softer than a pair of jeans. The fabric is really smooth and soft and stretchable.

2. Leggings retain their shape all day long; they do not lose shape that easily.

3. Leggings can be worn for active girl activities from workout sessions to engaging in outdoor sports. From sitting “criss-cross applesauce” on the rug to sitting at a desk for a long period of time and after-school gyms sessions, leggings are versatile.

4. Girls are conscious of revealing their innerwear while doing somersaults and cartwheels--leggings are the best.

5. Leggings are warm and cool too! Leggings prevent wick sweat so that sitting in a cool classroom shouldn’t bother kids, while at other times, especially during outdoor sports activities and adventures, leggings keep them cool.

6. Leggings come in a splash of different colours and patterns. Girls’ leggings can layer well and go with any outfit. The choice is unlimited: wear them with a patterned blouse, a plain or graphic t-shirt or under shorts or a dress.

7. Leggings can be pulled down and pulled up easily, no longer making quick bathroom breaks a chore.

8. An overwhelming number of girls prefer leggings over tights they don’t come down and gather a bit around the ankle. And they don’t scrunch up around the waist area.

9. A girls’ grown up feeling is connected to wearing leggings.

10. Organic cotton girls are best for girls with extra sensitivity.

Who cares a wee bit if leggings are pants or not? The controversy over whether leggings are suitable for work, the subway or even aboard a plane is over. Leggings have won over the hearts of girls everywhere!

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