OK, we have been telling you that the perfect wear for travel is one that is made of cotton. Here are strong reasons why you need to go for cotton t-shirts, and organic clothing, in general,

Organic cotton is quite breathable and eliminates foul odours such as oil-based fabrics which means it is machine washable multiple times. This is particularly convenient if you’re heading for a long trip somewhere; nobody likes doing one’s laundry in the middle of a trip, right? In addition, you can do some savings on water, energy & money and ensure your clothes are in good state. Now do you feel like buying cotton t-shirts should be on your bucket list?

We stock a wide range of organic t-shirts for you, good enough to wear it as a daily casual wear as well as evening wear. Organic cotton is cool and versatile and it doesn’t have to be necessarily white. You can give it a bold splash of colour just the way you want. Our range of organic T-shirt collections comes in an assortment of colours for you to choose from.

Organic cotton is tough and durable enough for everyday wear and for protracted period of use. Our organic T-shirts are here to stay and are quite unique in that they are made with a traveller’s requirement in mind.

Our T-shirts are also easier to wash and the effort that goes into it is comparatively minimal. They don’t bend or go out of shape with use and don’t stretch much overuse. Our T-shirts don’t tend to sag and there is no bagging too. They are just a cool piece you can enjoy putting them on every time you feel like. And if you are looking for 100% organic cotton T-shirts online, Bitz India is the place to stop and make your choice.