If you’re a woman, it’s simply hard to resist an innerwear that flaunts a flattering cut and sizzling color. However, it’s equally important to prioritize comfort, hygiene and vaginal health as much as the visual elements when it comes to picking the right panty. Bitz India’s range of organic cotton panty is the best of both worlds style and vaginal hygiene.

It is important for women to be mindful of what the panties they wear are made of as they can lead to a lot of health issues including vaginal irritation and infections. The reason is bacteria and yeast are prone to thrive in dark, moist areas.

Now, let’s see why breathability is important. Synthetic fabric materials, including Nylon and Lycra, are non-breathable and confining. If your panty fabric is non-breathable, it can result in rashes, irritation and infection, particularly if you’re someone already suffering from these conditions.

Now, by this we don’t say that you’re likely to catch the infection if your undies come with these fabrics. But fabrics such as organic cotton are much vagina-light, airer and ensure you don’t run the risk of developing any infections.

So this might just pique your interest on what can be a good choice? Or put simply is there any other fabric material that can replace synthetic materials without compromising on the design aspect? Read on in our next blog to find out more.

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