Most medical experts have linked organic cotton innerwear to the vaginal health of women. Research studies now and then show that vaginal infection can be attributed to prolonged use of inners that are made of synthetic materials leading to vaginal irritations and infections.

This puts organic cotton at an advantage over the rest, and is considered the best choice for everyday wear. Organic cotton is the most breathable and absorbent material in the market. Well, it just doesn’t get super-fancy underneath either when you need to deal with annoying irritation or persistent infections; therefore, taking the organic cotton route is the way to go.

Not just that, organic cotton fabric is the best to go when you hit the gym or working out strenuous physical activities. This is because organic cotton has excellent cool moisture-wicking properties for comfort. You can also go commando (if you prefer!) or put on workout bottoms that come with a liner, however the choice of fabric should be preferably organic cotton. Also, synthetic materials would lead to painful chafing. This will also occur if the panty has any elastic lining in it. And if you are suffering from vaginal infection, then don’t look any further than inners made of organic cotton, the next thing to skin.

Organic cotton is also best recommended for sensitive skin and other vaginal health issues that you’re trying to avoid. With Bitz India’s range of organic cotton panties in neutral and bright colours, which is also GOTS certified organic cotton, you can remain fresh and healthy without removing comfort from your life, even when you’re exercising or worn under everyday jeans, skirts or shorts.

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