The other side of aesthetic and trendy fashion is real comfort in everyday clothes. When it comes to organic cotton wear, fashion and comfort are two sides of the same coin. Parents nowadays are looking to buy durable kids wear that are really light and soft on your little one’s skin. Ever wondered why synthetic fibres are causing severe conditions such as eczema, itches, rashes, etc. It’s critically important to go for authentic fabric for your kids.

Bitz India ensures all their organic cotton wear for kids is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), etc, which we take great pride in. That parents are starting to say ‘no’ to synthetic fabrics doesn’t spring any surprises. All said and done, the industry even today has prioritized quantity over quality. Kids love our splash of cool colours that go with different patterns and prints iconic to our brand.

Our clothes have use of less plastic or metal enclosures. Our range of organic cotton wear is completely safe for kids and the planet.

You will personally love its price tags as well as care tags. Manufactured of pure organic cotton, they make your clothes best friends of environment and nature around.

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