Organic cotton farming is more environment-friendly. Due to lesser energy and fuel consumption organic cotton production uses lower carbon. It also prevents water contamination because it goes through a chemical-free production process. It doesn’t cause any health hazard for farmers.

Safety Standards:
As manufacturers adhere to stricter and very rigid manufacturing standards organic cotton products are safer. This not only ensures customer value but also minimizes negative impact on the environment. Organic cotton producers follow very high ethical standards and are part of the global movements like Fairtrade Cotton, Better Cotton Initiative, etc.

Cheaper Production Cost:
As there are no toxic chemicals used to produce organic cotton, it is cheaper to produce as well. Instead of processed cotton seeds only natural seeds are used for its production. To make non-organic cotton resistant to diseases and pests, genetically modified seeds are used and they are more expensive and need chemicals for growth. This will lead to more farming costs.

Avoid Allergies and Skin Concerns:
Since organic cotton clothing is free from all chemicals, all those who have skin allergies or sensitive skin will benefit from using organic cotton. It is also softer, and if organic cotton loyalists are to be believed they even smells better than the usual cotton types.

Save Money for Medical Bills:
You can be more comfortable wearing organic cotton clothes and there is no need for any health concerns owing to the exposure to chemicals. Those who are using organic cotton need not worry about dermatological issues. You can save on hospital bills and medicines as you won’t have any skin problems.

Improved Emotional and Mental Health:
Both buyers and cotton farmers can benefit from an improved emotional and mental health. Too much stress mentally and emotionally owing to debt due to medical or hospital expenditures resulting from skin issues mentioned above can be avoided if you use organic cotton clothing.

Prevents Permanent Threats or Even Fatalities:
There have been reported cases of permanent body damage, injuries and even fatalities owing to mishandling of chemicals and fertilizers among farmers and workers especially in poor and developing countries. Such threats can be avoided by growing cotton organically.

Helps Everyone Become Responsible Citizens:
Organic cotton cultivation helps to preserve a sustainable environment. By patronising organic cotton clothing you become a more responsible citizen. Natural is cost effective and healthier in the long run and organic cotton clothing will serve as a reminder to that.