We have a love-hate relationship with summer. It is the season that lets us have fun outdoors. Everyone loves to show off their toned bodies in the best summer clothes. And when it comes to summer fashion you are spoilt for choice.

But we all hate the heat and the sweat. The good news is you can beat the summer heat if you wear the right clothes. When it comes to fabrics for summer, there are limited options. And the best out of the lot is cotton or better still, eco-friendly organic cotton.

During summer whether it is formal wear or casual wear your priority is to keep yourself cool and comfortable. Organic cotton is produced without the use of any pesticides or harmful chemicals; it is hypoallergenic and skin friendly. It is the best option to beat the summer heat.

Organic cotton is slightly more expensive than ordinary cotton and hence it is the premium choice, but it is every penny worth spent.

Here is why organic cotton is the king of cool

When it comes to clothing, especially underwear or briefs, you need the material that will absorb moisture fast. Synthetic fabrics will not allow sweat to dry fast and the result is fungus formation. Wetness trapped against the skin leads to welts, rashes, and blisters. This will lead to lot of uneasiness.

Studies have shown that cotton provides the greatest air circulation. In summer you tend to be more active and you also sweat a lot. Cotton will help to keep you cool and will allow you to be more active. Cotton absorbs the sweat and you won’t feel sticky and smelly all the day. It helps minimize fungal and microbe breeding by removing the moisture from your skin.


Organic cotton is the best option for people with sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic. It has natural fibres and won’t cause any skin reactions. It is the perfect choice for travelling as well as for comfort at home, especially for people with skin conditions like eczema. It is renewable and biodegradable. If you have an environment-friendly approach then organic cotton should be your choice.

No static cling

Synthetic clothes have that static cling, which is really irritating and can make you uncomfortable, especially during the summer. However, organic cotton will not cling on to your skin and will give you the utmost comfort.

Organic cotton protects the outdoors

Bees are the kings of the outdoors. Alas, conservative farming practices have put them at risk of enormous destruction. Only through organic farming we can sustain our environment and protect living creatures inhabiting the earth. It is because of the chemicals used in conventional farming that bees are losing their habitats. Organic farming is effective in preventing bees from losing their habitats and dying because there are no chemicals involved. By embracing organic cotton clothing this summer you can also save the bees and the environment!

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