There is something, stretchy and waiting for you at Bitzindia. Did we tell Leggings? Leggings are slim and enhance the comfort quotient of the wearer. Truly beautiful, leggings have a stretch, self-possessed, that moves as you move. Available in an assortment of colours and styles, leggings are meant for all seasons. This rather short blog will throw some light on how to wear leggings and look fashionable with these tips:

You will need the following props: Ankle length, opaque, black or dark-haired leggings; loose-fittings blouses; tops and tees; a Tunic; a Dress; a Jacket; a Miniskirt; Flats, Sandals, Boots, or Platform shoes. As an option you may have a belt.

Step 1: Select Ankle length, opaque, black or dark-haired leggings so that you may know not look like a fashion victim. You have a whole range of great fabrics and pattern choices to choose from: lace, “wet look” or torn to give a bit of personalization to your look.

Step 2: You can create a bit of symmetry by putting on loose fitting boyfriend-style, free-flowing blouses, t-shirts, long sweaters, or capacious oxfords. It isn’t a good sight if it is tight on top and tight on bottom. The top must be long enough so as to be not hip-revealing.

Step 3: Wear leggings with tunics for a beatnik, casual look. Pair simple black leggings with a colourful printed top.

Step 4: Team your leggings up with a dress, which can sync with a baggy shirt or for a sleeker look, or for a jazzier look. A skinny belt will just do fine to cinch your dress for a striking silhouette while lengthening your legs.

Step 5: Hip-length jackets are effusive, as are embellished jackets, like a fashionable military jacket.

Step 6: Slip the jacket on under a miniskirt. This is not only fad and fashionable but would come to your rescue if the jacket is bit too short for you to feel comfy in.

Step 7: Give it a complete look to your leggings with the right pair of shoes. Sling backs, flats and pumps can do wonders. The real fashionistas can pick high-heeled, funky shoes.