By wearing cotton panties many vaginal infections like symptoms of odour, itching, and discharge will reduce. Cotton allows the area to “breathe” and helps to keep the vagina free from too much dampness. Due to the clothing design or cut many girls turn to different materials, but cotton panties now come in many sizes and shapes. You will find cotton innerwear for girls and women online in India. For the many girls who wear them the benefit of cotton innerwear makes it a healthy and comfortable choice.

Infection Prevention:
In many girls yeast infections are a common occurrence, and can cause a lot of discomfort. These infections and discomfort are mostly because of the type of clothing they wear. The growth of yeast within the vagina is often due to the use of restricted clothing made of polyester or latex. Moisture and warmth also contribute to the overgrowth of yeast within the vagina. To ventilate and eliminate yeast production wearing cotton panties is an easy solution. Synthetic materials can trap warmth and moisture, and yeast will thrive within the vagina.

Alleviates Itching:
Another uncomfortable sign of wearing panties that are not cotton is vaginal itching. The start of a yeast infection or disturbance in the natural pH balance always manifests itself as the itching sensation. Even though vaginal itching can be due to many other factors, most cases can be eliminated by wearing cotton panties. The best prevention is to eliminate skirts, pants, or shorts, which are not made of cotton. It is best to find a pair with a cotton crotch as well because pantyhose will be warm over underwear.

Stops Odour:
The build-up of moisture and odour causing bacteria can be prevented by ventilating the vagina. Cotton removes build up of heat from the area and absorbs excess moisture. When cotton gets wet, it becomes stronger unlike synthetic material. Cotton can be easily sterilized after use as well. During times of high humidity or throughout the summer it is especially important to wear cotton underwear. This is the time when itching, yeast infections, and odour occur. If cotton is not available it is better to avoid panties at night entirely. To keep the area dry throughout the night you must use cotton panties or eliminate panties.

Hypoallergenic Material:
Why cotton alleviates irritation is because cotton is naturally a hypoallergenic material. You must take additional care when washing your clothing. Wash your cotton panties with detergents that are dye free. Using fabric conditioners or softeners can also irritate the skin. Purchase and wear only white cotton panties if you are sensitive to dyes. This will prevent itching and irritation owing to coloured dye. Before wearing them the first time wash the panty.

Cotton underwear for girls now comes in many designs and gorgeous colours. Earlier, cotton panties used to be mostly white. But now they come in attractive patterns and colours. They also come in many physical forms, including bikini, brief, regular cut or thong. There is a pair of cotton panty for girls specifically made for you regardless of the outfit you will be wearing. A number of ecommerce sites in India are selling cotton underwear. You can select any design and colour of your choice and it will be delivered at your given address.