To dress up in summer is fun as there are endless designs and ensembles you get to buy this season. It is also the best time to show off your toned body. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to dress up this season.

Summer Styling Tips: How to Dress When It’s Hot

Dress in thin layers

Buy a few thin tunics and blouses in single colour or with striking patterns. Pair them up with shorts, trousers or long skirts.

Use interesting design details

In summer it is just not possible to layer up and create a new look every day. The challenge is to make one layer as interesting as possible. Choose tops with interesting design detail and pair them with nice, fitting trousers and you will look cool and polished.

Don’t be afraid of silk

You can combine silk and cotton for a cool summer look. Silk has a beautiful natural shine and its feel and look is awe-inspiring.

Invest in a few good dresses

A good summer dress is cool and glamorous. You must have 4 types of dresses in your wardrobe.

a) A beach dress: This will be easy to maintain and won’t be too expensive. A simple knee-length dress with spaghetti straps is just perfect for the beach. If you want a more formal look you can wear it as a tunic over pants. b) A casual summer day dress: This is perfect for a brunch or a day out with girlfriends. c) A work dress: A shift dress can be easily combined with a cardigan or jacket. It will look professional. d) A dress for the evening. Don’t shy away from silk in summer. Opt for your special summer dress in silk and it can be asymmetrical!

Cover up elegantly

Summer is not the time for figure hugging dresses because it is too hot and uncomfortable. Choose asymmetric tops, skirts and dresses that cover up any bulges by draping in all the right areas.

Use shoes, accessories, colour, graphics and pattern

For making your summer outfit more interesting play with colours and accessories. You can wear scarves with patterns or use scarf itself as a top. Use statement necklaces and standout shoes.

Have fun with sunglasses

Sunglasses will give you a hip and young look. And summer is the right time to use them. They look not only stylish but will also protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. You can choose sunglasses in different shapes. Tinted glasses are in vogue now.

Wear white

White is the colour for summer. It gives a cool vibe and is a versatile colour. For a modern, clean look all you need to do is pair white with any other colour. It is also easy to accessorise a white outfit.

Neutrals & Pastels

White is best for summer, so do neutrals and pastels. It will look chic if you layer neutrals like blush, ivory and gray. Most importantly they look cool and are soothing to the eye.