Fitness fashion in 2016 was very good and stylish. We saw ’90s throwbacks, printed leggings, and velvet ruling the gym. Some of the big fashion brands also launched their active wear into the market.

In 2017 fitness fashion is looking even better.

Here are the latest trends in active wear to sweat it out in style.

1.The oversized sweatshirt

Though the oversized sweatshirt trend started at the fag end of 2016, it became popular only in 2017. With delicate embellishments and dressy updates the workout classic has undergone a trendy makeover.

2. Tropical prints

Tropical motifs have invaded active wear. From flowers and palm trees to neon and happy brights, gym wear has never been more vivid and colourful.

3. Cut-outs and open-back tanks

After making a splash on the red carpet, cut-outs and open tank tops have started showing up on treadmills. They not only look chic but are also super comfortable because of their breathability. Intricately designed backs and chic laser-cut necklines are what you should be wearing at the gym.

4. Sweat-friendly bomber jackets

Silk bombers go really well with leggings. Many active wear brands have introduced bomber jackets, and the rich and the famous are seen wearing them even to the boardrooms.

5. Performance bralettes and crop tops

Now, you don’t have to sacrifice style for performance. Sports bra has also been given a trendy and cute makeover with cuts that are both comfortable and super supportive.

6. Shredded Everything

From legging and jeans to crop tops and more shredded is what everyone loves. This super popular trend has made inroads into active wear too. Now, you can pair your shredded leggings with a shredded sweatshirt to match.

7. Harem pants

Everyone loves harem pants for travelling, yoga or cozying up at home. A blend between traditional Indian sari pants and “hammer pants”, it is so comfortable that you may not feel like taking it off.

8. Bodysuits

Bodysuits can fit your style. It has the ultimate studio-to-street look. It is also easy to make this look your own by adding layers during or after class. During your yoga practice you can easily move without having to constantly adjust your shirt or pants if you are wearing a bodysuit.

9. Moto Leggings

The high waist moto leggings will give you a badass babe look. Moto Leggings have made an explicit fashion statement on and off the yoga mat with the glossy quilted moto detailings on knees, thighs, and shins.

10. Joggers

The jogger was a favourite with the athletes and runners, but now yogis have taken a fancy to it, and we are delighted. The jogger pant is a great yoga pant alternative and is a must-have trend that is super comfortable and stylish.